About Kilter Pulse

Kilter Pulse is one of the leading security companies and provides consultations to companies and individuals on reducing risks to their safety and on security issues.

Our era is characterized by rapidly changing living conditions, increased stress, opportunities provided by new technology, increasing competition and the consequences of the economic crisis and at the same time threats, as well as insecurity about the future. This has created new challenges and complex situations which require suitable solutions to deal with them.

The Kilter Pulse Security Service has a modern approach and a variety of solutions (technological, physical, strategic and organizational) for ensuring customer security. We will help to avoid, reduce or eliminate all kinds of harm or interference with your personal, material, moral or business security.

Kilter Pulse and its cooperation partners have extensive experience in many professional areas, ensuring that their customers feel protected, confident and free in their activities. It will ensure that customers have the requisite security, and can maintain prestige and confidentiality on issues which are important to them.

Kilter Pulse personnel have extensive professional experience from working in government services (bodyguard services for high level government officials, the organization of security for protocol visits for foreign officials visiting other countries and providing escorts for foreign delegations in cooperation with responsible state security structures and similar), as well as in private sector organizations in various fields in other countries around the world.

Kilter Pulse provides a wide variety of services to overcome crises and dangerous situations, conducts investigations, obtains and analyses information, repossesses items, solves legal problems and manages events. Personnel who have had considerable experience in working in hot spots, including military operations, also work for our company.

One of Kilter Pulse’s core values is our strict confidentiality policy and an individual approach – we reach an agreement with customers about the conditions of importance to them in cases involving particular secret information or in maintaining confidentiality in the tasks to be completed.