Our People

People are the key to successful outcomes. A professional service is based on professional people and therefore all personnel have a significant role in the Kilter Pulse team in executing specific tasks.

The basic criteria we use in selecting personnel when forming our team is their professionalism, experience, loyalty, ability to independently make decisions and to react to non- standard situations in conditions of high stress. Their ability to work with customers and to adapt to their requirements, while at the same time providing high quality security services, advice and consultations is equally important.

Diverse professional experience enables us to be flexible in our work and to offer solutions which won’t cause difficulties for those receiving our services – our customers.

Collaboration with international partners has allowed us to learn about people from other cultures and nationalities, which is very important in the globalization era.

We take our customers’ wishes into account and work with a high level of discretion.

The Kilter Pulse team is ready to meet with you anywhere at a convenient time, to make a situation evaluation, to find out about your problems or wishes, to analyze the information gained, to personally explain the solutions we will be offering you, and to carry out the agreed assignment.