Consultations on Security Issues

In choosing the type of security services in which a customer should invest his/her financial resources, it is important to accurately assess the situation and the risks which are a threat to him/her, his/her business or even the field of business. Only in such cases can the finances invested bring real savings to the customer’s business.

That’s why we offer consultancy services at many levels – general, basic and advanced levels.

General and basic consultations include a careful analysis of threats and risks and the planning of security activities based on this. Kilter Pulse offers to not only undertake analytical work and to develop an individual security plan for the customer, but to also ensure the implementation by providing the required services.

Advanced level consultations apply in situations involving a high level of risk, crises, security investigations and services, where Kilter Pulse works together with its cooperation partners in the provision of services.

Advanced level consultations and their execution help monitor, control, reduce or eliminate losses in various organizations, in operations conducted and in the repossession of property.

Kilter Pulse’s previous experience has been with a wide range of customers from many diverse areas of activity – construction, transport, the pharmacy industry, manufacturing,  public administration (cooperating with state and local council institutions), energy, finance and insurance.