Security and Escorting of Transport

 The level of crime inevitably increases during an economic recession or crisis. Large losses in the transit business in recent years have become one of the main problems for businesses and drivers of transport vehicles.

Statistics show that in some countries thousands of goods vehicles are stolen each year, the majority with the goods as well. According to information from the police, robberies and thefts associated with goods transport in certain countries end up costing 1 million euros per month. This unfortunate statistic has had a dramatic tendency to increase.

It’s not possible to prevent goods theft in all cases; however, it is possible to reduce losses – both in relation to transport, as well as the goods transported.

We can provide guards for conveying goods or escorting services on routes, and in the countries where the customer requires this. We will observe and guard, marked or unmarked transport vehicles carrying your goods, and while the driver of your transport vehicle is resting as well.

If necessary we will arrange for local police or representatives from security structures to guard transport vehicles and goods and to help catch and detain thieves, in this way saving your company from losing goods and also from financial losses.

Along with escorts, our accompanying security team can also provide an additional service – the opportunity to maintain regular communication with the driver of the goods vehicle. This service is especially useful in long hauls, when there’s a greater risk that previously planned situations could change and the transporter of the goods could encounter unexpected hurdles.  It’s communication with the driver of the goods vehicle which allows rapid responses if needed, for example, if the accompanying team has to drive ahead to do a prior investigation of a route’s safety.

Bearing in mind the importance of logistics and the prompt despatch of goods in the transit business,  regular communication with the driver of the goods vehicle can help save time in cases, where people from our team, for example, have discovered traffic jams or unpredicted road works and can suggest alternative routes to get around them to te driver.

In addition, our experienced accompanying team’s personnel are trained to notice possible traps or robbers as early as possible, thereby reducing the risk of robbery before it is attempted or completely eliminating it.