Mass Event

 We are prepared at all times to ensure a high level of security at mass and recreational events. Regardless of the type of event or the numbers of people, we are ready to dedicate our time, knowledge and experience, to carry out strategic planning and to ensure that the event takes place smoothly.

Each customer requiring security services and every event at which we provide our services, is of paramount importance or us. Therefore we:

  • provide individual strategic planning, as well as individually tailored and professional services and security equipment;
  • provide modern and successful crowd management solutions for mass and recreational events. Taking into account the high risk of conflict (mass conflict can even arise from individual differences of opinion), an action plan for crowd management is always required;
  • ensure comprehensive, high level planning at events which are taking place at different sites and environments with different audiences attending (for example, festivals, where different artists appear on a variety of stages and which are attended by audiences with quite contrasting, or sometimes unpredictable behaviour);
  • offer a feasibility study about risks, which is at the core of a successful and safe event;
  • ensure fast and coordinated cooperation with accident and emergency services – planning prior to the event and uninterrupted communication during the event allows for the provision of fast and uninterrupted access and egress from the event site;
  • will provide the most suitable set of services for your event – risk evaluation; planning for unforeseen situations; operative planning to ensure the work of a qualified operative team.

We are ready to listen to any desires and needs from customer, so that based on these, we can provide the most suitable and competent advice on issues relating to the provision of security.