Close Protection

Personal security or bodyguards are required in cases where a person (or someone close to them, or a cooperation partner’s life, health or reputation) is at possible risk of danger, or they are already being threatened.

Our experience in the personal security area is considerable - Kilter Pulse personnel have been in charge of security and worked as bodyguards not only to world famous show business stars (musicians, dancers, sports people and similar), but also for high ranking government officials (presidents, parliamentary speakers, prime ministers, ministers, senators and military commanders) in both Latvia, as well as in other countries (including the organization of visits by officials of the highest level.

High level management representatives in various professions and businessmen from various fields, whose activities are connected with a high level of risk are special customer groups.

Our specially trained, experienced security personnel will allow the customer to feel confident about their own safety, while at the same time allowing them to maintain their everyday freedom (the conduct of bodyguards can also be very discrete and unnoticeable to others or to the customer), without sensing any restrictions on their freedom.

Where required, the bodyguard or personal security services are carried out in close cooperation with law enforcement and other state institutions.