Private and Corporate Event Security

Nowadays, private and corporate functions are becoming a more and more popular. Customers, especially from private business, want discrete and polite security at these functions so that they take place without incidents. Individual customers may require personal security or bodyguards at corporate events as well.

Kilter Pulse’s previous experience is connected with both the provision of bodyguard services (for high ranking government officials in various countries around the world, show business people, business men with a high security risk), as well as security, and the maintenance of  order at mass events. That’s why our customers can be sure that we will, with the highest sense of responsibility, professionalism and discretion, ensure that persons who don’t belong there will not gain access to events. We are ready to control the lists of invited persons and permit systems, provide discrete and unnoticeable security for persons in a crowd and other security activities, allowing you to enjoy your time uninterrupted, while at the same time being certain that you are safe.

In cases where private or corporate functions take place in publicly accessible areas or as part of public events – at theatres, operas, concert halls, restaurants, castles etc. – we will cooperate with event organizers and the personnel involved, so that our work can remain unnoticed and won’t disturb the customer (if this is desired), nor the people around them or the event itself.

The Kilter Pulse team’s personnel will observe the etiquette required for the occasion – the style of dress and behaviour. If necessary we can provide personnel who know the foreign languages which the customer requires or desires.

There’s a saying, “The devil is in the detail” – and that’s why we know how important nuances and details are in the running of an event, and we are also aware of how important exclusivity may be to a customer. When discussing the plan for the event – feel free to tell us exactly what you are after!

Kilter Pulse also has trustworthy cooperation partners, who organize a wide variety of events (basically attracting participants and artists, organizing logistics, catering and other similar services) and about whom we can be certain from a confidentiality and a security aspect.  Therefore, if the customer so wishes – we can also introduce them to the services our cooperation partners can offer in the organization of private and corporate events, providing a comprehensive service in this way.